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Parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh, a Charity registered in Scotland—number SC008540

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Parish History

Sacred Heart

The first person to be baptised in the church was
Margaret Russell in June 1927. Elizabeth Allison and
James Murphy were baptised that same year.
The first marriage was John McKenna and Margaret Mullane on 12 September.
The statue of the Sacred Heart was donated to commemorate the fallen heroes of the 1914-18 war and was erected 27th August 1927.


The first ever Mass celebrated in the Sacred Heart Parish was on Sunday 27th October 1889 in a rented hall from Falkirk.
It was in 1909 that the parish had its first resident priest, Reverend Patrick Birnie.
A building was dedicated to the Sacred Heart and was opened in 1897.
This building held 200 people.

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Kerse Road

Inside Kerse Road

Picture courtesy of Grangemouth Heritage

Kerse Road had its first mention in 1907. The building in Kerse Road served both as a church on Sunday and a school during the week. In this time, Reverend John Foley, Reverend Thomas Gillon in 1913 and Reverend Walter Welsh in 1918 served the Parish. The number of children attending the school was between 80 and 100.
In 1925 the building of a new church began. The foundation stone being blessed and placed by His Lordship Henry Graham, auxiliary Bishop in the Archdiocese of St Andrew's and Edinburgh on the 29th November 1925. The new building was situated on the corner of Dalratho Road and Drummond Place.

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Picture courtesy of Grangemouth Heritage

Then on Saturday 21st May 1927 the new church was officially opened by Bishop Graham. Archbishop Gordon Joseph Gray consecrated the church on Wednesday 23rd November 1955. Sometime between these to dates the stained glass window depicting the baptism of Our Lord by John the Baptist and the appearance of Our Lord to St Margaret Mary were put into the church.
Over the years there have been other changes made to the interior of the church.

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Picture courtesy of Grangemouth Heritage

The altar was lowered from its original site and brought forward to the centre of the sanctuary. There was a large white sandstone reredos with a figure of Christ on it erected. But this collapsed when the altar was being moved. The altar railing were removed, sections being used to close off Our Lady's and St Joseph's shrine and others used to make kneelers for the altar servers.

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Cannon Antony donating the crucifix to Blair College. Picture supplied by Pat Gourlay

The large crucifix became unsuitable and is now housed in Blair College, Aberdeen. Heating system changed, carpets laid and sound system installed.
During the years the Parish has seen the ordination of the following Reverend Thomas McLaughlin in 1937, Very Reverend John Canon McNay in 1938, Very Reverend Daniel Canon Boyle 1940, Reverend William Henery in 1948, Reverend John Tweedie in 1949 and Father Kenneth Owens in 1989.
Also the Sacred Heart Parish has been served by the following priests:-

Reverend Ordained Served Died
Patrick Birnie 1893 1901 - 1908 1950
John Foley 1882 1908 - 1913 1946
Thomas Gillon 1902 1913 - 1918 1942
Walter Welsh 1912 1918 - 1938 1952
John Ward DD 1927 1938 - 1943 1977
Dolty Ward 1930 1943 - 1972 1976
John McGeown 1938 1972 - 1979 1986
Cannon William Anthony 1960 1979 - 1989 2006
Joseph McMahon 1960 1989 - 2000 2015

Father Leo Glancy, Ordained in 1963, has been serving the parish of Sacred Heart since 2000.

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Sacred Heart1 Sacred Heart2 Sacred Heart3 Sacred Heart4

Pictures & Information supplied by Frank Boyle

In the first picture the priest is Canon Welsh then clockwise from him the altar boys are Jimmy Crampsey,Willie Henery,Danny Boyle,George O'Docherty, unknown and Tom McLaughlin.Three of these altarboys,Danny Boyle, Tom McLaughlin and William Henery became priests.

There is also a lovely letter from the late Cannon Daniel J Boyle to his mother. He wrote the letter to his mother when he was 11 and had just left to go to Blairs College.
If the picture of the letter loads to small to read, just hold your mouse cursor over it and an icon of a magnifying glass should appear, click the picture and it should enlarge.