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The Miracle of Lourdes

The Trip that Turned to a Pilgrimage


Jean Risk

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It started the week before, with my first look at the itinerary and not being Catholic it was my firm conviction that I would attend only one mass as I was sure I would not find a Church of Scotland in Lourdes to attend, so as I still wanted to go to church on holiday, one mass would suffice. I still thought of my trip to Lourdes as a break and a chance to sight see. We arrived at our hotel the 3 of us , my sister in law Zena, her brother Richard, both Catholic and with their own reasons for their pilgrimage and with the clear understanding that some days I would not be with them as they went to mass. We arrived at our hotel tired but happy to be there and to our delight discovered our room looked out to the Sanctuary


I lay down with my itinerary and decided I would go to the trip to Bartres and the Mass in the Grotto the Torchlight procession I would watch from the room or so I thought but Miracle that is Lourdes took over.

The first morning I walked the other 2 to Mass in the pouring rain and as it was so wet I decided I would as well go too. When we came out we went to see the Grotto for my first time the others had been before I was totally overwhelmed by the Power of the Faith I found there. I just burst in to tears the first of many, I might add.

Bernadette room

We went back to the Hotel for lunch then on to Bartres where Bernadette spent a lot of her young life.

When we arrived back in to Lourdes for our dinner I could not wait to get back to the Grotto and the Torchlight procession it was truly awesome. The power of prayer and Faith are there for all to soak up and rejoice in.

Grotto Candles

That was the night I drank my first Holy Water of Lourdes and lit my first candle and my trip to Lourdes became my pilgrimage. We spent a lot of time at the Grotto with a visit to the Baths I swore I would not be going to and it is something I will remember for the rest of my life.



I also was awestruck by the visit to the high Stations of the Cross. I found it very moving.

I found Lourdes made me feel very Humble. The Blessed Sacrament Procession and the Blessing of the sick added to my own belief that God truly has a purpose in life for us all.



My first trip to Lourdes was made all the more special with the happy friendly people who shared their Faith and their Church and a very long bus journey with me and especially Father Leo who answered lots my questions and explaining the Miraculous Medal and about Catherine Laboure to me, after the Mass on the journey back in The Rue du Bac at the Convent of the Miraculous Medal it was a perfect ending to a truly wonderful week for me. I pray often since coming home that God has it in his plans for me to return to Lourdes

God Bless you all. Jean B. Risk
P.S. Just away to look at my 6 reels of films again. Lourdes is Truly Miraculous.