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Guest Book

If you have any comments about this website, then please email me with them and I will post them here in the guest book. You can also use this guest book to contact old friends here in the Grangemouth Parishes. Please remember when you email to put in the subject heading "SHCTK" Click here to email Guest Book

Letters sent to the Guest Book or to the SHCTK Webmaster go to Diana Hunter and not to Canon Leo.

Monday 19th July 2010

Dear John
I'm sorry but after 3 years I dont have these details anymore. Because of computer problems I have also lost Sarah's email address who up until recently was exchanging emails with me. I hope by posting this on here they will get in contact with me again.
Diana - Webmaster

Sunday 11th March 2007
Good Morning, My name is Daniel McCallum. I lived on Elmbank St with my family and I am looking to reconnect with old friends. I went to St Mungo's from 1960 -1964. I believe Sarah McDonald was the sister of Charlie McDonald a good friend I would like to reconnect with. Please forward my email address on to Sarah.... it would be greatly appreciated
Dan McCallum
Roseneath, Ontario CANADA
PS I am also looking for John McManus who lived on Overton Rd and also went to Sacred Heart and St Mungo' and John Sweeney who lived on Haig St.
Dear Dan
Dear Dan I have already forwarded your email on to Sarah and I have set the wheels in motion to tracking down the two Johns. I will be delighted to reunite friends through the church website.
Diana - Webmaster
Post Script - Dan has emailed me to say he has now made contact with Sarah and Charlie. I am delighted to have help Dan.
Diana - Webmaster 
Sunday 21st January 2007
Dear webmaster
I was delighted to read Barry's letter to you and,
hopefully, reconnect with him after so many years.
Barry and I were close friends in our school days in
Grangemouth, I knew his father, mother and sister.
It is also of great interest that he has found the
church that means so much to him and the development
of his faith.
I hope you can help me regain contact with him and
that you might forward my email to him.

Best wishes
Bill Robb
(Head of Art at George Watson's College in
Dear Bill
I am delighted to rekindle a friendship and I have already forwarded your email to Barry. I hope that you hear from him soon.
Diana - Webmaster

Thursday 29th June 2006
Dear Diana,
I had a look at the old pictures of Sacred Heart church on your website. I thought you would be interested in some others which I recently discovered after the death of my uncle Canon Daniel J.Boyle, who was born in Grangemouth in 1918.
I think two of them were taken on the day the church opened.The altarboy at the front right is Danny and the top left is Tom McLaughlin, who also became a priest.
The one of the people entering the church must have been taken moments after the one on your website which is taken from the steps.
I don't know when the interior of the church was taken.
I also discovered a letter from Danny to his mother, written on his first day at Blairs College aged 11.
I hope these will be of some interest to you.Feel free to post them on yoursite if you like.
Frank Boyle
Dear Frank
I was really excited when I received your email. I have added your pictures to Sacred Heart
Parish History. Also it is really good of you to share Cannon Boyle's letter to his mother. To see these new pictures and to see this very personal letter click here.
Diana - Webmaster
Friday 2nd June 2006
Hi, my name is Barry Rafferty and I at one time lived in Grangemouth,1954-1963,while I lived in Grangemouth I attended Dundas and Moray Secondary School, As you will have noticed that both of these schools were not catholic schools! In 1963 I moved to Plymouth England and in 1979 I moved to Windsor Canada. My years away from Grangemouth brought me a new faith, and as you have guessed, It was not the church of my Fathers Side of the family but that of my Mothers...The Roman Catholic Church
My Great Grandfather, Jerimiah Geran came from Millstreet in Co.Cork and married my Great Grandmother, Jane Fields in Eggbuckland Plymouth England (1892) they had 4 children and the second youngest was my Grandfather Stanley Geran, he married a Winifred Annie Ford and they had 3 children My mother was the oldest Ruth Brenda Geran, My mother fell in love with a Scotsman from Grangemouth while he was in the Army stationed in Plymouth during the war, After the war they married(1945)I was born in 1946 and brought up as Church of England, Many years later when I became an adult I converted and became a Roman Catholic, I am a Traditional Catholic at St Michael's in Windsor and attend the Tridentine Latin Mass.My 2 daughters Tina and Mame were Baptized, Confirmed in Most Precious Blood Church here in Windsor.and were married at St.Annes in Tecumseh Ontario by the priest who baptised them.( he also bapt their children)
To close I would like to say that I still have a sister in Grangemouth called Brenda Fitzcharles and I will be visiting her this July
Dominus Vobiscum
Dear Barry
Thank you for email entitled "letter of Faith". It gives me such faith and hope to know that my work on this website is being read and enjoyed by former residents and parishioners of Grangemouth. I hope you enjoy your visit to Grangemouth in July and I pray that the weather is kind to you.
Diana - Webmaster
Sunday 9th April 2006
Hi Sarah

I read your email on the website for the Sacred Heart Church in Grangemouth. I was born in Grangemouth March 14 1941, the night Clydebank was bombed. My Father worked for the Railway and was at work when I was born, the sirenes were going like crazy, according to my mother, the Doctor nor the Midwife would come out,so the lady in the flat above delivered me, I was premature. When my father came home he baptized me, later he spoke to the priest and I was baptized again, I do not know what happened but I was baptized again for the 3rd time. Both the 2nd and 3rd baptisims were at the Sacred Heart Church. These are recorded on my Birth Cretificate.We lived at 14 Union Place in Grangemouth. I was about 3 years old when we left Grangemouth as my father was transfered to Carlisle, where I was brought up.
All my mothers family hail from Glasgow and my fathers from Coatbridge.

I am trying to trace my family tree on my mothers side. Her mother was Alice McDonald before marriage, to cut a long story short the family originated from Inverness. My greatgreat grandmother was Catherine McDonald ,before marriage she was born in Knoydart in 1825 and she married a John McDonald from Fort William , John was born in 1812, they came to Glasgow in about 1845.One of their sons was a Marist Brother (Brother Augustine) his family name was Donald McDonald. After studing at St Mungo's in Glasgow and attending to his studies in France he set sail for Australia and opened Marist schools and colleges in Australia and New Zealand. If we are related in any way I would be delighted to send you a 7 page report on his life that I got from Australia.

In 1969 my wife and I came to Canada and have been living in Pickering Ontario for 30 years.

I hope you will reply to my email.

James Leo Harold
Dear James
I have forwarded your email on to Sarah as well as posting it here in the guest book and I am looking forward to Sarah's reply. It will be lovely if through the Sacred Heart/Christ the King church website we have managed to reunite a family.
Diana - Webmaster

Tuesday 21st February 2006
Hi Father Leo,
Very impressed with your Parish Web Site & hoping that via it & you I can bring the following to parishioners' attention:

Grangemouth Locality Health Promotion Group

G.L.H.P.G. 'Spring Forward to Health' Event is commencing on Monday 20th - Saturday 25th March in venues throughout the Grangemouth town & completely FREE. All venues will have professional staff on hand from numerous services in our Community Health Partnership.
The Event will be featured in our local press & advertised on Central FM & a Programme of Events to be printed soon will be distributed via G'Mouth Advertiser to local households.
Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Joan Love,
G.L.H.P.G. Project Worker,
Admin. & Events Co-ordinator Assistant
Tel: 01324 486130

Dear Joan
Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that our parishioners take the chance of enjoying a wee bit of holistic spirituality
Diana - Webmaster

Sunday 28th August 2005
Hi, My name is Sarah Muirhead.[nee McDonald]
I was born in Falkirk but was brought right home to Grangemouth. I had all my Sacraments at the Sacred Heart Church. Both my children were baptised there. My husband and I came to Canada in 1970. We now live in Welland.
I have very fond memories of all the social times at the Sacred Heart. I so much enjoyed the "Girls Club" on Thursday nights.
Dear Sarah
Thank you for your email. I am glad that we can keep you up todate with what is happening within the Sacred Heart & Christ the King. Sadly the Scout Hall at the Sacred Heart had to be demolished. Now all the clubs within the two parishes are held at Christ the King.
Diana - Webmaster
P.S In a second email that I received from Sarah, she told me her sister is Rose Donaldson. Sarah is keen to hear from her old friends here in Grangemouth. Should anyone remember her and wish to email her, then please email me and I will forward to you, Sarah's email address.
Monday 13th June2005
Hi folks,
Have had a look at your web site. Very impressed.
We are in the process of getting up a web site too.
Best wishes,
David Smith
Minister KHR
Dear David
Thank you for your kind words, although I have the title of Webmaster, I am self taught and I use WYSIWYG programme called Dreamweaver and my webhost provider is blueyonder. So if you need any help please feel free to contact me through this website. Also I would be delighted to do reciprocal linking once your website is up and running.
Diana - Webmaster
Friday 13th May 2005
Hi Diana,Just to let every know the St Mary's Coffee Afternoon for Christian Aid made £114.05 on Tuesday afternoon, and I wanted to thank the folks from Sacred Heart and Christ the King for their support, a wee mention for Joan Maguire as she was a prize winner of the quiz, well done.
Cheers Catherine Murdoch
Dear Cathy
Thank you for letting us know about St Mary's successful afternoon and congratulations to Joan Maguire.
This is another way of using the guest book, to let our fellow parishioners know how successful events have been in Grangemouth as well as saying hello and submitting stories. I hope as a result of Fr Leo's plug of the website on Communication Sunday we can look forward to more submissions to the guestbook. Once again thank you Cathy for your submission
Diana - Webmaster
Sunday 9th January 2005
My name is Evelyn Shand nee McCallum and I was born in Falkirk and raised in Grangemouth. I attended Sacred Heart School and church and was married in the church in 1968. I immigrated with my husband Charles and two children in 1972 to Goderich, Ontario where we still reside. I enjoy reading your bulletin every week and recognize quite a few of the names. I have an aunt (Mrs Mary Porter) who still is a parishioner at Christ The King. I especially enjoyed your story about the fundraising event for the church organ. The person who provided the venue for the event, Gerry Finn was a friend of my brother Denis McCallum. Keep up the good work with your web site. It's one of the most informative pages I have found and enjoy reading it every Sunday night here in the land of the snow. Thanks
Evelyn Shand
Dear Evelyn
Happy new year Evelyn. It is good to know that I can provide a link for you to keep up with the parish news here in Grangemouth. I'm glad you enjoyed the read about the church organ. I have to say it is very good of Bernard Stanley from the Holy Family in Langley to host that story for us.
Diana - Webmaster
Friday 17th December 2004
Great website congrats to Fr Leo and all his hard working parish teams in both parishes. Kevin Melia St. Bartholomew's Parish Trent St. Townhead Coatbridge North Lanarkshire.
Dear Kevin: Thank you for your very kind comments. Have a very happy and holy Christmas.
Diana - Webmaster
Tuesday 7th September 2004
Vincent Lennon submitted a short, thought provoking story. Please read it by clicking on this link. A letter from Jesus
Diana - Webmaster
Sunday 29th August 2004: Dear Diana
While browsing the net actually looking for St.V.dP. news round the globe, I picked up on your site..Many years ago in the 60s I visited your Church, the site brought back many memories, those were the days before the net.... Greetings anyway from down under...Regards
Audrey Bakulich
Dear Audrey: It very nice to meet you. There have been a few changes inside the church. The most recent being the purchase of the new church organ which is now a year old. If you click on this link LDTSRH
it will take you to the story
. Greetings from Bonnie Scotland
Diana - Webmaster
Thursday 10th June 2004: Dear Diana
I have just looked at your excellent website. My dad is a parishioner of Christ the King. I live in the south of England and visited my family in Grangemouth to attend the communion and confirmation of my niece Stephanie Straiton. Unfortunately, Stephanie’s name is not listed with the others. It would be nice if this could be added as she was omitted from the newsletter list also.Mary Doonan
Dear Mary: Thank you for your compliments. I have now added Stephanie's name along with her class mates

Diana - Webmaster
Wednesday 2nd June 2004: Dear Diana
I live in Knox Indiana USA and I love checking the bulletin every week My sister still lives in Grangemouth I have one sister in Falkirk and a brother too. Its nice to see what is going on . I love the Sacred Heart novena and have it on my website too. I do visit everything that is there. I get so homesick sometimes and its a great comfort. Thank you for answering my email and I hope Father Leo will add my mothers name.
Robina McGrory

Dear Robina: I happy to hear that you enjoy keeping up with whats going on here in Grangemouth. I let Fr Leo know about your mums anniversary and I have added her name to the Weekly Bulletin Diana - Webmaster
Monday 17th May 2004: Welcome to Christ the King and Sacred Heart Church Website. Next Sunday is Communication Sunday and I thought this would be a good time to start a guest book. Dont be afraid to use it as this website belongs to everyone at Christ the King and Sacred Heart Parish. And we would love to hear from anyone else anywhere in the world as well. I hope you enjoy your visit. There are many interesting links to other websites and I hope you find them useful. Diana Webmaster