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Parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh, a Charity registered in Scotland—number SC008540

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Grangemouth Children's Day

100 Years


In 1906 Canon Birnie at a meeting of the Council suggested a Children's Day. The proposal was accepted. A collection was made and the first Children's Day was held on a Friday in August. The procession took them to the Kerse House where Lord Dundas had given permission for the grounds to be used. 2000 children took part in that very first Childrens day.
It was such a success that everyone wanted it to continue but at the meeting for the second Children's Day some men asked if the procession could be on the Saturday so that they too could watch it and so it has right up to the present apart from the war years. They also decided to change the month to June and the route of the march to the Zetland Public Park.

AnnieGilian Annie Coleman lived in flats behind Kerse House and was born 100 years ago.
We had her name on the candle at Lourdes and her picture is in the Children's Day brochure.
To have the queen and her retiunue from Sacred Heart Primary School made this year special.