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Parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh, a Charity registered in Scotland—number SC008540

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Parish History


On 1st September 1970 Father Karl Kruger came to Grangemouth by order of Cardinal Gray to establish a new church to cater for the influx of catholic families into Grangemouth who were being housed in the new housing developments.

In the early days Fr Kruger celebrated daily mass in the small chapel in one of the rooms at his home in Hamilton Road. Often the congregation would overflow into Fr Kruger's study or down the stairway and into the hall. Sunday mass was celebrated in Sacred Heart School Hall. He also made a point of getting to know parishioners in Grangemouth by visiting them in their homes. Soon Parish Council was established. The only thing needed now was a Church building and a parish house. Fund raising within the parish began in earnest.

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Picture courtesy of Grangemouth Heritage centre

The church was officially opened on 25th October 1975.
Mass was said by Bishop Monaghan and in attendance was another 14 priest's from parishes within St Andrew's and Edinburgh Archdiocese. Before mass started, outside in the street the Welsh Youth Band and St Francis Pipe Band marched through the streets of Grangemouth to celebrate the opening of the new church. In side the church along with the church choir the bands provided the music during mass.

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Picture courtesy of Grangemouth Heritage centre

The first part of the mass Bishop Monaghan blessed the church and the congregation. Then came the unveiling of the commemorative plaque, which is situated on a 400-year-old piece of Caledonian pine.

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Picture courtesy of Grangemouth Heritage centre

Mass was then celebrated by Bishop Monaghan and Fr Kruger. Finally Bishop Monaghan blessed the altar.

MP Harry Ewing and his wife also attended the opening of the church. Also present were members of the Grangemouth Council of Churches.

After mass there was a gathering in the church's coffee lounge where speeches were made by Bishop Monaghan, Fr Kruger and the architect's of the church. The church was not only to be a place for worship; the church was to be used by the community as a place where they could meet in different circumstances. To this day the church is alive with the various clubs and organizations that make use of its facilities.

Canon Karl Kruger

For more history on Canon Kruger see HERE

Canon Karl Kruger, son of Jewish parents, arrived in Edinburgh at the age of 15 as a refugee from Nazi Germany along with his brother Hans. Soon afterwards he was picked up on his way to church, wearing his school uniform of Edinburgh Academy and was deported to a detention camp for aliens in Canada. He became a Catholic in 1940, and went on to be ordained on the 17th July 1949 at the age of 25. He never forgot his Jewish roots and the Reformed Protestant faith of his family back in Berlin. He came to Grangemouth on 1st September 1970 having been appointed by Cardinal Gray to establish a new church in Grangemouth. Prior to his arrival in Grangemouth, he was a lecturer at Diocesan Senior Seminar of St Andrews in Drygrange to student priests. As well as undertaking the duties of the new church, Father Kruger also took a great interest in the wider community in Grangemouth. He was the chairman and founder member of Grangemouth Enterprizes, a member of Grangemouth Council of Churches, Christian Aid, Chairman of the local Catholic Marriage Advisory Committee as well as being the Dean of the Deanery of St Mungos for the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.
On the 26th November 1987 Father Kruger was transferred to St Patricks Parish in Kilsyth.
Cannon Karl Kruger died 24th May 1989.

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Original Painting by Charlie McGuire

Christ the King has been served by Father James Friel, Ordained 1956, from 1987 to 1997.
Father Leo Glancy who was Ordained in 1963 has served Christ the King since 1997.