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Canon Leo In Bauchi

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A Little History

1957 Gordon Joseph Gray, Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, invited the young Priests of the archdiocese to volunteer for temporary service on the Missions. “If we are generous in sharing our priests with others in greater need the Holy Spirit will always provide enough vocations for our own Archdiocese.” When you share your gifts you double your talents.

PRIESTS FROM OUR ARCHDIOCESE WHO HAVE WORKED IN NIGERIA following a celebration of Mass in Thanksgiving in Gillis Archdiocesan Centre, Edinburgh with Bishop John Moore newly appointed to the Apostolic Vicariate of Bauchi 1996.

1998: Mgr Foley, Bishop John Moore, Archbishop O’Brien, Canon John McAllister
Fr A. Mitchell, Fr John Callaghan, Mgr. A. McNally, Fr. Leo Glancy, Mgr Simpson, Canon John Agnew, Fr Aidan Canon, Fr Pat Clarke, Urseline Sisters of Jesus- Brigid, Mary and Patricia and Nigerian Fathers at Mass of Thanksgiving, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh.

MONSIGNOR DANIEL SIMPSON who served in Nigeria 1957 – 1995

In October 1983 Bishop Ganaka came to Edinburgh to celebrate a great Mass of Thanksgiving in Ingliston to mark 25 years of archdiocesan missionary service since 1957. He thanked Cardinal Gray for adopting Bauchi in its infancy and took over the full responsibility for the financing and staffing of the Church in Bauchi in the confident hope that we will continue to live as brothers and sisters in Christ, helping one another. Fr Simpson and Fr Cannon remained in Jos diocese serving under Bishop Ganaka.

Extracts from Fr Leo's Diary


NIGERIA 1966 - 1970
FRIDAY 14TH JANUARY 1966 military coup ‘Operation Damisa’ leading political and military figures, including Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Ahmadu Bello, Sardauna of Sokoto, and Chief Samuel Akintola premier of the Western region were mercilessly killed. There were riots in the North in June. The parishes in Bauchi and Gombe suffered terribly.
Fr Simpson, Fr McCann and Fr Agnew were joined by Fr Patrick Clarke in 1967 and Fr Leo Glancy in 1968. The civil war taking place far away from Bauchi continued until 1970. Village life in the north continued much as before. There was time and opportunity to reach out to the rural areas . With the transport of goods becoming very difficult, we had to search for building materials and supplies to build churches, the clinic and hostels in Gambar and Bauchi, and offer whatever help we could. Father’s Mass box and medicine chest were in daily use. His transport often doubled as an ambulance.

Fr Leo Glancy Gambar 1968. “There were 26 different languages spoken in this area with Hausa the common language of the market place. I depended on Bernard Benu to translate for me. He introduced me to a man who had been on the road for two days, who said: “Father, we have heard of all that you are doing to help the people and we would like to have our children baptised. Please come.” Our reply to such requests was always the same: “Hold a meeting. Choose a good person from the village who can read. Build a round house where the children can meet to learn catechism. Tell me when you are ready and I will come.”

1980 Fr Leo visited Bauchi, and noted in his diary:
AZARE Fr`Patrick Clarke is building a church.
BAUCHI Fr Danny Simpson . There are 7028 names in the Baptismal register. The church was full at both Masses. Danny went down to Tafawa Balewa to the new church. There will soon be a Nigerian Priest stationed there. The Holy Childhood Sisters have a convent near the church in Bauchi. They teach in the Secondary School and in the Barracks. The hospital used to have only one doctor. Now there are 50 doctors with new buildings and specialists in the various fields of medicine. The SVDP Shelter is doing well. It was built with help from SCIAF to provide for the needs of those who brought their sick into the hospital and stayed to look after them. There is a new Catholic church in the army barracks built for the soldiers. It was opened on Sunday.There were over 1000 people present. A new church is\planned for the railway end of the town.
BILLIRI There are over 2000 in the Bapismal register. Fr`Aidan Cannon speaks of Popandi Kaltungo as the growth area.
FR WILLIAM BRANDON, SMA is now parish priest in Popandi. In April 2004 St John’s, Popandi, the first new church in the diocese of Bauchi, was opened. Bishop John Moore thanked the priests and people from Edinburgh, and the Pontifical Mission Societies for their continued help and support to Bauchi

GOMBE was crowded. The church I built in 1970 is now the sanctuary with a huge extension built out from there. There are fans installed in the roof. I met 7 seminarians from Bauchi, one of whom is in the major seminary….very encouraging.

GAMBAR: Fr Davou Michael Bwan Fom, ordained 19/4/1980 has been appointed to Gambar for 3 months. There are 6821 names in the Baptismal register. I counted 112 children baptised in danger of death in the clinic, many of whom have died and are buried nearby. In my diary I record: “two children died last night.”
In Jos diocese there are 21 Nigerian Priests and 41 Others; one Augustinian Brother; 16 Nigerian Sisters and 18 Others.


To see more pictures of Our Lady's Church in Fadamamada click HERE